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    Matushri Chapai Patlani - The Brave Lady of Koday.

    This story is more than 150 yrs old. Nathubhai was her husband. It was the time when 12 brothers (BAAR Bhayya) were ruling the Kutch. People and their properties were secure. This lady had made one fort (Gadh) made of sand (due to ‘Fort of Sand’ there exists a Gadh Fario) surrounding Koday. There was a cannon with bell. Jamadar Fateh Mohammad had a strong hold in Kutch – state of 12 brothers. But his persons were robbers.
    One day the robbers arrived at Koday. The bell started ringing. All male took weapons and gathered at entrance of village. As soon as the robbers came near, Chapai Patlani fired from the gun. Robbers ran away and from that day nobody turned their face towards Koday.
    Chapai Patlani had very high respect in Kingdom. Criminals were tried with heavy iron chains. There were no courts in that period. Chapai Patlani had power to give judgment and also to tie the criminals with heavy iron chains. This brave lady died in Samvat 1934. But she had left us, village, community and country a brave woman story of the period when woman had no social life.
    Really history of Koday is coloured with brave people like this.

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