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   In Samvat 1605 Rav Shri Khengarji (first) and his younger brother Sahebji took over Koday from Jam Raval and they stayed at Bhuj.

   Rav Shri Khengarji distributed his area to 4 sons of his younger brother Sahebji as follows –

  1. Hamirji - Mothara and surrounding area.
  2. Pachanji - Roha, Lakhadi, Kunariya, etc.
  3. Tugaji – Adeshar, Sanva, etc.
  4. Jasaji (youngest of all) - Koday and Kanthar, Gundiyali, Maska, Badareshwar, Luni, etc.

   As Jasaji was younger he was staying in Bhuj with Sahebji. Though Sahebji had build Darbargad in Koday. Koday’s administration was taken care by Kamgar.

   Vinzan village in Abdasa Taluka was in control of Jam Raval’s cousin brother, Ajaji.

   Hingora of Sakha Hingolji family converted to Muslim and came from Sindh Kutch and stayed at Vinzan. He used to respect both the religions.

   As per Muslim religion Hingora’s used to put brush/babul sticks (datun) near lake but Bhayat daughter’s used to damage them. Complaints used to go to Ajaji but in vain, because of that as per direction given by Muslim leader Kuresi, they went to Bhuj. On the way they met Jasaji riding on black horse, he requested them to come to Vinzan. There was attack on Hala, some died. As per Kuresi’s advice, Ajaji’s daughter in law having last days of pregnancy was send to opposite side of river where she gave birth to a son.

   Jasaji was winner in this fight and made this area as capital. Khengarji and Sahebji were unhappy on this issue of Jasaji because Jam Raval had murdered eldest son Hamirji. After getting news of murder his personal guard Chacharvut ran away with two prince. Ajaji’s wife was aunty of Khengarji and Sahebji. She heed Jasaji and his brother without knowledge of Ajaji and then send them to Ahemdabad.

   She didn’t like Jasaji taking control of Vinzan. Ajaji’s grandson Kheraman Hala was given control of Jasaji’s area except Koday.

   As Jasaji had given control of Koday to Kamgars who used to collect money forcefully from people.

   In Samvat 1735 Jasaji (Second) took over Vinzan. He distributed villages to his five prince as under –

  1. Vinzan to Tilayat
  2. Moti Varandi to Ramji
  3. Nani Varandi to Jemalji
  4. Naranpur to Vikamji
  5. Dugara to Tukaji.

   By this way all prince got part in Koday also.

War between Two:

   Happily received amount from Talotdam, Shagoridam, Dhingdho, Panchari and Kamgari was distributed between all prince, where eldest used to get biggest part and rest was distributed among other four.

   In Samvat 1819, it was zara war, there was attack from Muslim’s of Sindh. Few soldiers of Commander Vir Lakhaji had strong fight against 1,25,000 soldiers of opposition. It is said that because of this fight Kutch got place in the map of India.

   In this war Kutch lost money and material and even Vinzan had big lost. To fulfill that lost 5000 kori was taken on interest from Darbar.

   In Samvat 1867, Radho Shah from Ramani settled in Vinzan. In that period their were no banks, so moneylenders used to give loan on lower interest. As the loan period was getting over, Hamirji got an amount of 65,000 kori return by Radho Shah and sent Lakhavir Hingora to Bhuj.

   In that period also there used to be dirty games in politics. Lakhavir Hingora was taken to a lady dancer were he lost his all money to her as a gift. On other side the state officer sent a messenger to Vinzan with a message that the loan is not yet fulfilled and as per the documents Koday is under control of state.

   Since then means Samvat 1867, Hansraj Shah – administrator of Mandavi took over possession of Koday in behalf of state.

   In that period kutch State had no village in Mandavi Taluka except Mandavi Bandar. Koday was the first village. People from other villages came and stayed in Koday and started farming and day by day it became populated. This is a small history of Koday.

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