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      Religious education makes a big difference in anyone’s life. Our old books are in Sanskrit and Pakruti. About more than 150 year back Hemraj Bhimshi started Shri Sadagham Pravuti Sansatha which motivated many man and woman to learn Sanskrit. He used to inspire and sent people to Banaras (Kashi). Some of them were Devji Bhai (Koday), Hemraj Bhai Panchariya (Koday), Prof. Ravji Devraj and also woman like Kabubai (Dumbara), Panbai (Halapur), Ranbai (Naliya), Makhabai (Koday), Methabai (Layja), Jehubai (Koday). Because of large collection of hand written books in this library, it is one of the oldest in India. All this reasons gives a name as Kashi of Kutch to Koday.

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