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Strong Land

     Kutch, whose legs are washed by the sea, is land of strong people.
    History of Koday is full of brave men, ladies, donors, religious people, hard workers, big traders. Bhiya Kakal a strong man who calmly killed his 6 sons to retire the royal kingdom. Jagdusha donor, Fathiya – the unbeatable, Abada Adbhagah who had fight with Badshah Alluddin to save women, Seth Jeram Shivji  who was like king of Jangabar, one of the top freedom fighter of India - Shyamji Krishna Varma, botany specialist Jay Krishna Indraji, great sailors named Ramsangh Malam and Kana Malam, thousands of strong youngsters, brave women, saints, artists creates the golden history of Kutch. People of Kutch have moved around the world, created history, always happy with simple food. People of Kutch, wherever they are but they love the home land. The time when India was not independent so was Kutch, when other parts of India - Saurashtra, Gujarat, Mumbai, Madras where ahead in education, art, business Kutch was far behind due to less education.

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