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New Thoughts

      The circle of birth and death is going on from past millions of years. To get birth as a human being is very difficult. We learn a lot from the world. Development of a child depends on atmosphere, environment, family values, education and care. All these develop a child and bring out hidden qualities and create magic.

     Millions of people birth, live their routine life and pass away. People do not even remember them. But there are some who give there part of life for community, country and some live life for family, community, country and also do good work for people.

     Some of those spirits of Koday are –
            Dharma Veer – Hemrajbhai
              Karma Veer – Devjibhai
                Gyan Veer – Malsibhai

     This triples created a golden page in the history of Koday and also contributed to achieve the name Koday – Kashi. Illiterate people, rigidness, superstition, ego were the points which made these three friends to get good knowledge.

     It is very difficult to get life as a human being. People come on earth and they live as slaves of time. They are happy then there is a birth but far tensed of someone’s death. They enjoy happy and good days but are fearful of death. There are only few who can remain mentally stable at any of this period. And to get Self Gyan and treasures of religions, get people out from wrong beliefs. They had an idea of Sadagham. This thought came in the mind of Malsibhai about more than 160 years back. There was not a single place like this in Koday, Kutch or even Gujarat where a person can think for his soul.

     Hemrajbhai told this thought to his friend Devjibhai and then to his brother Hansrajbhai. They had talk with Malsibhai Bhojraj, a leader of Kutchhi Dasa Oswal Community who promised to support them. They thought day and nights over it and made rules for this new project in Samvat 1927, second day of Jayastha, Tuesday with 4000 kori for self, 2000 kori from Devjibhai and 150 kori from Hansrajbhai. They started an AVATHAMBHA SHALA in Koday in the Samvat 1928. To get deep knowledge about ATAMA in a silent environment by the menas of Gyan – Dhyan – Tap - Jap. Hemrajbhai started all these and then he thought to make a derasar of last, 24th Tirthankar of Jain – Mahavir Swami.

     A stone was brought from Khavada village near Koday for the Statue. A golden Statue was carved from this stone which is seen by millions of people till today.

     In Samvat 1930, he had thought about Sadagham for digging out knowledge from Jainism. Falgun Vad 7, Tuesday, Samvat 1930 was the day when Sadagham Pravuti was started in Koday. The main aim of Sadagham was to make arrangements for people to get knowledge in Jainism. Also arrangement for lodging and boarding for them.

     Then he had a thought for Gyan Bhandar. Old hand written books were searched and brought from other places, Gyan Bhandar and saints. And this books were carefully kept and maintained. Even today it is one of the best Gyan Bhandar in India. Many people, saints and also Kasturbhai Lalbhai Trust has interest in this Bhandar. These were the base stones of Sadagham and till today it is going on. The other supporters in the timeline were Shri Kanjibhai Manek, Shri Gagjibhai Hemraj, Shri Raimal Hirji, Shri Hirji Kanji, Shri Velji Meghji, Shri Lalji Obhaya, Shri Virji Jetashi, Shri Kuwarji Deraj, Shri Hemraj Pachariya, Shri Devji Shamji, Shri Thakarsibhai, Shri Devji Jevat. And after that Shri Kalyanji Dhanji, Shri Punja Asu, Shri Ramji Ravji, Shri Premji Morarji.

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